Our Story

Our group began in 1969 as a small academic practice on Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo, and has evolved into a multi-site group that sees over 100,000 visits per year in Western New York. Our group currently runs four primary care medical offices (Amherst, Conventus, Sheridan and BestSelf), a specialty Addictions Medicine office, staffs a hospital-run office (at ECMC), and follows patients in local hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

We are committed to a patient-centered team approach to the highest quality health care. We are committed to continuously improving our care through tracking the quality of our care, implementing new models of team approaches to care, pro-active planned care of chronic diseases, increased collaboration and communication with engaged patients, community networking, and use of new technologies as they become available. We are committed to excellent training of our future health care providers, including family physician residents, medical students, osteopathic students, nurses, and other health professionals.

Our Role in Training Health Care Professionals

As an academic practice, our senior physicians are all Board Certified Family Physicians and faculty in the UB Department of Family Medicine. In addition to providing health care at our offices, they teach and supervise Family Medicine residents, medical students, nurses, and other health professionals.

Our Resident Physicians

Our busy teaching practice at the Amherst office includes UBMD Family Medicine resident physicians who have graduated medical school and are now training in the specialty of Family Medicine under the close supervision of our faculty physicians. When you are seeing a resident as your doctor, there is always a designated senior faculty physician in the office specifically supervising that resident. We are proud that most of the excellent family physicians practicing in Western New York are graduates of our program. Some of our residents have also gone on to become medical directors of hospitals, health plans and chairs of medical school departments of Family Medicine.

The Family Medicine Department of the University at Buffalo also has Family Medicine Residents in teaching practices at the ECMC Family Health Center (run by ECMC) and at Universal Primary Care in Olean (run by Olean General Hospital).

We also provide training for medical students, nursing students, and other health professional trainees at our office, so, from time to time, they may assist your doctor or nurse in your care.

More information on the UB Family Medicine Residency Program application and curriculum can be found by clicking here.