We provide care for:

  • Infants, Children & Adolescents
  • Adult Men & Women
  • Aged and Elderly

Services we provide in our office:

  • Well Care & Prevention Visits
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic (long-term) illness and acute (short-term) illness
  • Women's Health Services including gynecological visits, pregnancy and delivery services
  • Office Procedures including colposcopy
  • Psychologist available for patients 18 years and older
  • Chemical Dependency Program/Addiction Medicine

To help you make the best decisions for your care, UBMD Family Medicine is dedicated to:

  • Providing “whole-person” care – including mental/behavioral health treatments.
  • Keeping you up-to-date on your vaccines and preventative screenings.
  • Listening to your questions and feelings.
  • Learning about your family life situation, health goals, and preferences so that we may recommend treatments that make sense to you.
  • Providing equal access to all patients regardless of insurance status.

We are always available to assist with:

  • Answering questions about your care to help you understand your condition(s) and all your options.
  • Following the plan that we have agreed is best for your health. If you have trouble with this, let us know!